Roulette and craps are perhaps the most popular casino games. 5000 years ago, dice were used to ask the gods what the next move was and how the people should act. Questions such as “Should our army attack our neighbours?” were answered by the gods through the dice. With roulette it was the same procedure, only decisions were made by spinning a shield. So, we can be aware that the history and dynamics of gaming started a long time ago. Later, decisions about the future of the people were left to more reasoned answers than chance, and games became part of the playful life of mankind.

In the long history of roulette, our ancestors used gambling strategies that helped them to win. Some have survived to the present day as part of the formulas that help players plan and structure their games, while increasing their chances of winning. Because to be honest, we all play to have fun but also to win prizes.

Martingale and Paroli Strategies

These are two of the oldest betting strategies. So we’ll start with them because of their relevance and because you have to have a respect for the elders.

The Martingale is a popular betting system. In casinos you can often hear the phrase “I have to win sooner or later, don’t I? This is both true and false when you use this strategy. 

On the other hand, betting large amounts of money after several losing bets would lead to the possibility of winning back only the first bet you made, which in this case would be 10 $. So it will not be enough for you to recoup your losses.

So “sooner or later I have to win” is true, but it is also true that “sooner or later I will lose”. Our advice is to bet on odd/even or red/black or foul/pass. This way you have 18 chances to win and 20 chances to lose in American roulette, and 18 chances to win and 19 chances to lose in European roulette. When it comes to playing, you place a first bet, for example 10, and if you lose you place a second bet with double the amount of money, this time 20. The next two spins you wait and don’t play, and in the next one you double the last bet, that is, you would bet 40 $. What happens if you don’t win? You would only lose 70 $ and, in that case, you should start your bet from the beginning, choose another roulette wheel or take a break.

Paroli is another of the most used strategies over time in casinos. It is about taking advantage of long winning streaks and the optimistic feeling of players who think that chance will continue to be on their side for a long time. And it can happen, but you have to bear in mind that it has just as much chance of not happening.

Its structure is very simple and contrary to the Martingale: increase your bet when you win. That is, if you bet 10 $ and you win, the next time you bet 20 $, and the next time you bet 40 $ and so on until you decide to finish that round and start another series of bets with the initial 10 $.

Our advice is to use this bet with rounds of three wins but you have to wait until your casino bankroll has risen. This means that if you have $500 to bet, your first play on the Paroli strategy would be $10 but if you win, the second play would repeat the same amount. If you win again, the money you would have available would be 520 $, surpassing the 500 $ you had at the beginning and, with that sum, you would be able to bet 20 on the next play and 40 on the following one.

If you win this fourth bet you will have won 80 $ and it will be time to stop and start your bet with the first amounts. Remember that good streaks exist but we also know that they don’t last forever.

Strategy 666

The 666 strategy is so called because if you add up all the roulette numbers from 1 to 36 the result is 666, so, although with such a name it may seem that the strategy is not very good, the truth is that well used it can give you generous winnings. The concept is to bet on all but four of the numbers on the table, and with different amounts. This formula will be most effective if done on French or European roulette as the house edge is 1.33% and 2.7% respectively.