Subtraction strategy

In this guide on how to play roulette and win, we have a strategy as simple as subtracting. The system is as simple as walking up to the roulette table and looking at the first two numbers that have come up. Let’s say it’s 26 and 14.

Addition and division strategy

Here the mathematical operation gets a bit more complicated. Addition and division are used to find out the average of the numbers that have come up. To do this, we will look again at the first two numbers that have come up and that will help us to bet on roulette and win. If, for example, 26 and 36, we would add these two numbers together and divide the result by 2, i.e. 62 by 2, and bet on the result we obtained: in this case, 31. After the spin, regardless of whether we have won or lost, we would wait for two more numbers to come up again and repeat the method.

This is for bets placed on even money bets: even/odd, high/low and red/black. The odds of winning are many but the house will always have a greater advantage. For example, if you play American roulette you will have 18 ways to win compared to 20 ways to lose, and if you play European roulette you will have 18 compared to 19. This translates into an advantage of 5.26% in the first case and 2.7 in the second, which means that with this type of strategy you can lose 5.26 or 2.7 $ for every 100 $ bet.

To bet, you will have to choose a betting pair formula: as an example we will choose red/black. The next step is to look at the scoreboard and check which of the two options in your pair is the one that has come out on top in roulette bets. If they are tied, you will wait for another spin to break the tie. If the top pair is red, you bet on it until the scoreboard shows that the trend has changed and the black number is dominant.

This strategy is recommended only for even bets, always focusing on one of the options and not for multiple bets.

Strategies for managing your money

Without good money management, your chances of winning at any of the TOP-10 casino games will be exponentially reduced. The same goes for roulette. So we recommend you to have a good bankroll from the beginning to serve as a cushion to be able to place your first bets with peace of mind. As a precaution, we recommend that you start by betting, each time, 0.5% of your money:

  • Betting on short cycles. In games of chance, such as slots, the player expects the negative cycle to be broken by a stroke of good luck. With roulette, when the negative cycle has been broken, we change tack and start the bet from the beginning. If after twenty bets the cycle is still unbroken, we will also break it and change the numbers we are playing with.
  • Promotions. New online casino players have welcome promotions with free money to help them practice their game without risking a penny of their bankroll. This way, you can keep your bankroll while practising your strategies and with the possibility of winning money. In offline casinos there is also the option to take advantage of promotional chips to start playing without using part of your bankroll.
  • Play roulette for free: it is possible to do so at Casino by selecting the practice option at the top of the game. With it, you can practice all these strategies to gain in confidence and methodology without risking a penny and increase your chances of winning, either in live roulette or online.


Any of these roulette strategies we have presented will help you enjoy your game more while winning bigger prizes. You just have to choose the one that best suits the way you play and always without forgetting to manage your money well. To do this, you can start with free sessions without risking your capital and, in addition, with the mobile casino you can practice anywhere and at any time you choose until you achieve your goal: to be the best roulette strategist.