Free spins and big wins


If Betsoft the famous developer is famous for its artistic slot machines, with modern and very funny graphics, the publisher has just proved that it could go even further in creativity and entertainment with its latest slot machine: Bird. If the characters portrayed in the developer’s i-Slots had already won us over, Betsoft’s new imagined little creatures will inevitably melt your heart. Imagine a bunch of birds of all colours to imitate absolutely delirious, all, directed through Betsoft technology. I can see your mouth is already watering. 

  • Name: Birds;
  • Software: Betsoft;
  • Type: 3D slot machine;
  • Desktop Compatible: Yes;
  • Mobile Compatible: Yes;
  • Tablet Compatible: Yes.

If you are a fan of the Angry Birds game created in 2009 you are going to have a blast with this slot, as it is going to remind you of this funny video that recently released the Angry Birds animated movie, which tells the crazy adventures of these funny colourful birds.

Technical Features

Dear developer Betsoft, thank you for racking your brains to give us unique games that are not offered by any other publisher. Although iSoftBet and Thunderkick have dealt with the bird theme with their Happy Birds machines it pales next to the little gem of technology that is Birds. Here you will be able to find 11 different chicks perched on the son of an electric pole. Each specimen has a distinct and amusing personality, which we’re sure is going to give you an overview of with their antics during your games.

And Betsoft has outdone itself so that you can enjoy your parts of Birds! to the fullest by incorporating not one, but three backdrops into the slot machine. So you find the sparrows perched on power line poles in an American city. You can vary the backdrop according to your mood and desires, Betsoft as always surprises us by thinking of all the details down to the millimetre.


  • Free spins galore;
  • A 96% re-spin rate;
  • Avalanche mode available.

The worst thing about it

  • Not progressive.

Birds! consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. Mechanics of the slot machine reels spins are built here with the avalanche mode. This carousel allows mechanical players to take risks as the optimised payouts will generate multiple winning combinations on a single spin, and therefore on a single bet. So you will win more for less bets. What more could you ask for? So, each new spin, the birds land on the power line of the screen. If the combinations are winning, the bird will fly away and leave the screen to make room for others. With this lucrative mechanic, you can enjoy unlimited free spins if you get lucky and follow the winning combinations. Knowing the existence of Birds! ™, you will pocket winnings on any combinations of 3 or more identical birds.

Birds! boasts a very generous payout ratio of 96% and an average volatility that will allow you to enjoy higher or lower wins at regular intervals. The slot machine is therefore perfectly suited to individual wishes. Especially so that you do not squander your funds by trying it out as you can bet from $0.50 and a maximum of $125.

Bonuses and Payouts

You might not have noticed that the Birds™ slot machine has a meter on the left side of the screen. The latter will fill up on how and when your combinations are winning. However, if after several winning spins, luck abandons you and you lose, the gauge will drain completely. You’ll enjoy it just the same, since free spins are at stake. So, from when you hit level 4, Betsoft will offer 8 free spins to level 5, that will be 12 free spins to 6, 20 free spins and finally to 7, you’ll get 14 free spins, plus the number of flights that are triggered during this free spin game. We love how generous this slot is.

Betsoft are also appealing to an exotic bird with bright colours to take away the winnings. The Wild office ultimate bonus in this game and will empower you to maximum winning combinations by substituting its other accomplices. And of course, in Birds! ™, you’ll enjoy the famous double up option so dear to Betsoft. As usual, this game of double surrenders or will allow you to double your all, win or lose. The publisher then allows you to bet your entire stake or only half of a heads or tails game. Therefore, you must try to determine which side the coin will fall on… Watch out for big scares and cold sweats!